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[Merlin RPS] Card 'verse

Download the podbook at Jinjurly's archive thanks to the awesome cybel  ♥ or here thanks to fish_echo !
Download the entire series in a zip file (54.61MB) at mediafire or here, or individually at the series tag at Jinjurly's archive thanks to fish_echo  ♥

Author: slowdead
Reader: Lunchee (lunchy_munchy)
Fandom: Merlin BBC RPS
Notes: Thank you so much to slowdead for allowing me to do this! I do not own The Eels' Love for the Loveless or The XX's Island :) Click the original text to see the awesome cards that my descriptions just don't do justice!

Title: If I Try to Kiss You
Pairing: Colin/Bradley; Santiago/Angel
Rating: : R
Summary:  Colin and Bradley meet through a mutual friend, start sending each other cards and end up falling for each other. But it's still all rather complicated (possibly because they keep trying to make it complicated.)
File Info: mp3, 18.3 MB, 39:49
Download mp3

Title: Am I Still in the Doghouse?
Pairing: Bradley/Colin; Santiago/Angel
Rating: : R
Summary: Sequel to If I try to kiss you. In which Colin gets sick, Bradley is still a little silly (and more than a little jealous.)
File Info: mp3, 15.5 MB, 33:44
Download mp3

Title: I Don't Ever Have to Leave
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: : PG13
Summary:  Five drabbles for [her] card!verse.
File Info: mp3, 3 MB, 6:29
Download mp3

Title: If This Card Means Nothing to You
Pairing: Bradley/Colin; Santiago/Angel
Rating: : PG-13
Summary:  They had to tell them one day.
File Info: mp3, 18.1 MB, 39:24
Download mp3

Title: Valentines'
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: : PG-13
Summary:  Valentines' Day in the Card 'verse
File Info: mp3, 1.4 MB, 2:57
Download mp3

Title: Ficlet
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: : PG-13
Summary: Colin takes Bradley to meet his parents.
File Info: mp3, 2.1 MB, 4:30
Download mp3

Super super cute series ♥ ♥ ♥ 
I'm not sure why I keep doing podfics that have, iunno, PICTURES or ZOMBIE TALK or PICTURES that obviously need DESCRIPTION because it's audio and ._.
Anyway, it's super cute, and I love how fail Bradley is at Relationships and how awesome Colin is for being so resilient.  
Tags: merlin rps, podfic

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