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oh, there you are
i've been waiting for you
Audiofic Masterlist 
10th-May-2020 07:41 pm
Moved to a Google Spreadsheet, because LJ's new posting system fucks up lj user tags for me, so screw you lj. Find it here, and leave a comment here if there are any discrepancies. 

Coming Soon:
* = auction pieces

  1. The End Is Near by tierfal
  2. Infinity 11-15 by jusrecht
  3. simon's by abusing_sarcasm
  4. the second time by abriata
  5. Past Imperfect by thehoyden
  6. merlin dances ballet by misswinterhill
  7. a priori 'verse by rubberbutton
  8. glee/spn crossover by maskedfangirl
  9. charming mansluts by giselleslash
  10. CK by hero_for_ghosts
  11. that underground pod that shall not be named
  12. Sherlock Holmes' Diary by errantcomment
  13. Voulez-Vous by melandria 
  14. Sword, sorcerer, pirate & dragon by ella_bane for jelazakazone *
  15. Weaving in the Ends by freakishlemon for brate7 *
  16. It Was Worth a Wound by ViridianViolet for brate7 *
  17. Some of Your Time by lavvyan for brate7*
  18. Nuneaton, or The Adventure Of The Missing Teddy Bear by flawedamythyst
  19. Big Brother Is Watching You by flawedamythyst
  20. Stars Forever by justbreathe80
  21. Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown by justbreathe80
  22. Best Practices in Workplace Relationships by blackeyedgirl
  23. Addendum on Setting Appropriate Boundaries by blackeyedgirl
  24. And at the same time someone make you whole by torakowalski 
  25. No wealth and no ruin by antistar_e
  26. Genderswapped Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  27. But the cat came back by twelve-pastels
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