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[Podfic] Two from Pru! 
7th-May-2010 05:38 pm
keys keys
Totally awesome cover by cybel !
Download the audiobook at Jinjurly's archive thanks to the lovely cybel
Download at mediafire or at Jinjurly's archive thanks to aphelant !

: Office Politics
Author: Pru (rageprufrock)
Reader: Lunchee (lunchy_munchy)
Pairing: Raito/L
Rating: : Teen and Up
Fandom: Death Note
Summary:  L, being a much-lauded and world-renowned genius with several increasingly nonsensical and obscure aliases, should have known from the start that the relationship wasn't going to work out.
File Info: mp3, 5.76 MB, 12:34 (THAT'S SO AWESOME!)

I LAUGHED SO HARD. rageprufrock  makes an excellent point: Raito and L are adolescents - why the hell do people listen to them?! (Reminds me of Kate Beaton's awesome teenage sleuths.) The part that made the fic for me? What Raito does when he's pissed off with L. If I had such powers and was still a teenager, I would totally do that. (Actually, fuck being a teenager, I would totally do that at any age.)


Totally awesome cover by cybel !
Download the audiobook at Jinjurly's archive thanks to the lovely cybel
Download at mediafire or at Jinjurly's archive thanks to aphelant !
Title: White Wedding
Author: Pru (rageprufrock)
Reader: Lunchee (lunchy_munchy)
Pairing: Iruka/Kakashi, Gaara/Naruto
Rating: : Teen and Up
Fandom: Naruto
Summary:  Sandaime never had to put up with any of this crap.
File Info: mp3, 14.32 MB, 31:17
Notes: I do not own Little By Little's Kimi Monogatori, nor the naruto accents by Toshiro Masuda.

Mmm, ninjas ♥ I don't particularly get KakaIru (based on the manga, you know, where they don't interact and stuff) but I can see the appeal and the sense making. In any case, putting aside their (gooey ♥) relationship, I like how they interact and tell amazing stories about everybody else they get into contact with (and the non-story with Gaara/Naruto! Brilliant!) Kakashi's jounin missions ♥ Iruka's role as a teacher ♥ The graduates being dicks ♥ TSUNADE ♥♥♥ I also love how clear Naruto's voice is. He would write in capslock, the heathen :)

Hope you guys enjoy!
8th-May-2010 01:56 am (UTC)
weeeee! going to download and listen! x) lol
thanks for sharing
i like audiofics very much! X) hihihi
8th-May-2010 05:08 am (UTC)
junjou icon!! ♥
Audiofics are great fun! Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy :)
10th-May-2010 04:07 am (UTC)
2nd 'book is posted. :-)
10th-May-2010 07:09 am (UTC)
Yay! Post edited ;)
10th-May-2010 08:02 am (UTC)
11th-May-2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
I know it's never good to start off with a nervous greeting, but since I am very nervous and you are you, I figured I do have a reason.

Um. H-hi. I just finished listening to Office Politics, and I would like to say two things. One, I love your voice and the way you read the fic. After just having heard a fic being read with a total monotone voice, I find your emphases like heaven sent. Two, I laughed very hard. It was probably a combination of you reading it, and the fic in itself because it was written quite hilariously. Just my kind of humor. :)

I guess I need to thank you, since after hearing this I've found I do not mind audiofics, after all (see mention of "monotone voice"). That scares me, too, because my iPod really has no space left and I would like to keep my songs and kpop videos, thank you very much. But it's good to know that in case I want to read a fic during a car drive without having to puke every fifteen minutes, it's actually possible.

I will retreat silently now (seeing as it's getting late) but one thing more: I really hope you will do more Death Note audiofics. :) Let me leave you a heart here, too, because you deserve it (and because I have no idea how archiveofourown.org works the heart is also to the author, would she ever see it). ♥
11th-May-2010 11:38 pm (UTC)

Don't feel nervous! I'm not scary...? (I'm not! I'm not!) Oh dear, a flat monotone... that doesn't make fun listening at all! I try to read like I would like to be read to I guess, and these authors have such an amazing grasp on their language, it seems like a crime to say the lines flat! (It helps that it's incredibly funny ;) )

Thank you so, so much. It really means a lot to me that you've come back to comment, and ever more so when you say that my readings have made you partial to podfics! You've made my day ♥ (although I do have to agree, Korean MVs are extremely important to have).

Unfortunately, I don't have another DN fic lined up to pod :( BUT, as a special present to you, I'd be more than happy to podfic something you'd like to hear read (I mean, provided that the author gives permission) ;) It's a happy day for all!
12th-May-2010 06:17 am (UTC)
You're not scary. (Eh, what I've seen that is.) But you're amazing. *-*

It's really a shame she hasn't written any other DN fics, because I'm not really into the other mangas she's written about. ): (lol, I think I could hear/sense you giggling at one point?)

Omg, that makes me so incredibly happy. ♥♥♥ /flails
Now I just wonder what I should choose. I think I have to get back to you later, because the newest Super Junior MV is out and shit, I have to go to school, but I guess something by tierfal since she's amazing.
13th-May-2010 05:21 am (UTC)
Thank you for thinking so ♥!

Luckily for me, I like almost all the fandoms she writes for, so I can read lots and be happy! (yeah, well, it was funny! :( Even though I've read it a few times, some things still make me laugh every single time :) )

Take your time deciding, no rush! And I'm not limiting you to the DN fandom, just as long as I don't screw up names and places too badly, I won't mind reading you anything ;)
11th-Jul-2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
good news! tierfal has granted me permission to pod 'the end is near', so yay! Will crack onto it soon :)
11th-Jul-2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
That's awesome! I'm looking forward to listening to it :))
12th-Jun-2010 10:35 am (UTC)
I am listening to the Death Note one. Your accent is sexy.
16th-Jun-2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
LOL, thank you :)
27th-Jun-2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you for recording these! I really enjoyed your reading.
3rd-Jul-2010 11:41 am (UTC)
thanks bb ♥ They were heaps of fun to do!
10th-Sep-2013 05:11 am (UTC)
Loved this. Not only was it great writing, but I loved how you read it. it was kind of funny in some places, and appropriately Iruka-feeling in others.
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