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Fic: In Love With My Radio [Masterpost]

Title: In Love With My Radio
Author: lunchy_munchy 
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG...ish
Word Count: ~34, 000
Warnings: Obliviousness. To an unhealthy degree.
Summary: Merlin listens to the radio on his iPod, Arthur stalks Merlin, Morgana lives to create chaos in Arthur's life, and then everyone goes to McDonalds!

Originally posted for the kinkmeme prompt: Arthur has an anonymous blog/lj/twitter...

Part One | Part Two | Part Three
also on AO3

PDF | E-book (both passworded: drivethru)
E-book courtesy of the wonderful snottygrrl !

Soundtrack | MP3 of Drivethru Podcasts

DVD Extras
Deleted ScenesPost-BG Podcasts
#1: Merlin finds out that Arthur is Penn #1 Relationship problems
#2: Merlin waits nervously in CamelotFM's green room #2: Bar Guy and Dusty on the Drivethru: Christmas Edition
#3: The truth behind the kiss
It took 7 odd months and a boatload of people, but Radio is finally DONE. Oh my GOD. 

First, to the Variation OP, yue_ix  , YOU STOLE MY MIND. THANKS, I THINK.

All the pretty graphics herein were created by the absolutely amazing curvasud , who shocked me with her mock up, and put me half in the grave every time a new email would come, filled with incredibly stunning graphics. In the end, there were fifty graphics in total. Fifty. SO CRAZY. There are not enough words to express my gratitude!! 

While toiling away over these beautiful images, curvasud hinted that she would love to hear the DriveThru podcasts....actually recorded. And I thought, you know what? I can do that. And I did, but they were kind of horrible until these GORGEOUS PEOPLE came along and made them 10 BILLION TIMES SEXIER with their SEXY EXOTICISM. Thank you so much to the voice cast of the DriveThru podcasts, thank you for lending your voice to my silly little project, credited and uncredited! In order of appearance:  
Dusty: the supremely amusing, long suffering vensre !
Vivian: the person who made me laugh until I cried, subaruke !
Percy and Sarah: the sultry tones of yue_ix !
Linda and Elizabeth: the Judy Garland-esque sister of vensre !
Chorus of cooing: the very adorable yue_ix , subaruke and stefy !

To the generous, generous shirasade , thank you so, so much for the webspace!

And to the person who whipped this into shape, who endured my constant whining and even more frequent re-writes, who you can all thank for pretty em dashes instead of my lazy --'s, who laughed at my lame jokes and made this so much better then I ever could, my wonderful, wonderful beta vensre . NOT ENOUGH PANCAKES AND SQUISHY CATS IN THE WORLD.

I am so, so lucky and feel so, so blessed, not only to have received so much support on the kinkmeme, but to then luck out even further and have the assistance of all of these incredibly generous, incredibly talented people... I can't even. The first thing I ever produced for the Merlin fandom, to have becomes what it is today... It's not something I could have ever imagined in a million years. It's been so amazing. Thank you everyone. Enjoy ♥  
EDIT: Why you eat my formatting? BAD LIVEJOURNAL!

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